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This was an amazing read to start my day. I agree that the Green Wall blindness affects so much of our lives, and that even when pointed out, it is still bypassed by others. Sadly, there is so much blindness around us to so many things. So many people looking down on their phones all day, and missing some of the most profound sights and opportunities around them. You cannot feel nature through a picture or video. Yes, you can see it and visually take it in, but you cannot feel it. The sensory and energetic experience of life has been missed by so many people that they cannot comprehend what that experience even means, or how it affects your psyche and your body.

Our society as a whole has become so compartmentalized and sterile that nature is a nuisance rather than a gift. It is no wonder that people, in general, have lost the ability to relate to one another and their environments. It would be great if we could put down the technology for 30 minutes a day, and just be with nature. I think some of the anger and hostility around the globe would lessen, and maybe more productive conversations could happen.

Humanity needs a time out in nature.

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Thank you for reading! I guess all we can do is start with ourselves, right? I will be off my phone and out there with you breaking down the green wall;-) Cheers to more time in nature for all of us!

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